Western State Police Canine Association

2022 Working Dog Conference



Sacramento Sheriff Deputy Adam Gibson

2022 WSPCA Conference Schedule

Monday, October 3 – 7, 2022

2022 WSPCA Conference training Aides

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High School (Sutra) Oliver/Rogers
144g Crystal meth 6 vehicles (5 Blank, 1 Loaded-driver’s door silver Volvo)
Rock St building (airport) Jones/Pavlik/Flory
27.48 g cocaine cardboard box covered in loose clothing (Garage Bay)
10.68 g Black Tar Heroin Red suitcase), 20.57 g Crystal Meth (Black suitcase)


High School (Sutra) Oliver/Rogers
6 g Heroin Billboard (High)
10 g Vacuum (Low)
12 g Heroin Green noodle around AC (high)
150 g Cocaine Locker #63 (high)
144 g Crystal meth Locker #337(Med)
Rock St building (airport) Jones/Pavlik/Flory
17.81 g Black tar Heroin Floor vent middle of room
27.48 g Cocaine High find
21.81 g Powder Meth under pallet floor large room


Rock St building (airport)
Blank room 10 suitcases,9 boxes, garbage (distraction odor)
26 g Crystal meth under spiral stairs
53 g Heroin bathroom Cheese Ball Hide-A-Can
15 g Opium north/east shelf (med Height)
** distraction odors-dryer sheets,10 tennis balls, dog treats
21.81 g Powder meth Door threshold to garage bay (dog treats distraction odor)
20.57 g Crystal Meth under traffic cone


High School (Sutra) Oliver/Rogers
Weight room
8 g Heroin Men’s bathroom door
2 g Cocaine Vertical stack of weights
25 g Heroin Basketball stands

(Download here.)


We are back for 2022 in Reno, and we hope you will be able to join us.

The State of Nevada has opened up with certain guidelines.  W.S.P.C.A meets these requirements.

We are one of the only hands on, working dog conferences available.

Bring your K9 partner to this 5-day conference where you will have the opportunity to work with trainers from throughout the United States and Canada with your K9.  You will be able to meet and train with other K9 handlers from around the Western United States.

2022 Conference fees include your 2023 WSPCA membership.

Please make sure you read each ticket description before proceeding.  Current WSPCA members have paid membership dues in 2022.  If you have not paid membership dues this year, you are considered an inactive/non-member and should sign up accordingly.

Not sure if you’re a member or not?

If you are unsure about your membership status, please email wspca@yahoo.com to confirm before you sign up to alleviate payment issues.

Contact us at our email wspca@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Sharing our passion for police canine

Training and Certification

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