Western State Police Canine Association

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Sacramento Sheriff Deputy Adam Gibson

Join Our Membership

Membership in Western States Police Canine Association (WSPCA) is open to active and retired law enforcement, corrections, and military teams from city, county, state, and federal agencies.  Associate membership is open to persons with an interest in law enforcement K9 training, subject to Board approval.

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is $25 for a Regular member and $15 for an Associate member.  There is a one-time initiation fee of $25 for all new members.

WSPCA K9 Conference

Attend our annual K9 conference in Reno, Nevada.  We are one of the only working K9 conferences.  Bring your dog and receive a day of classroom instruction, followed by two days of hands-on training scenarios for you and your dog to participate in.

Working K9 Police Dog on Vehicle Searches
Working K9 Police Dog on Building Searches

Sharing our passion for police canine

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